Getting Here

Getting to Cartagena

Cartagena is located in the northwestern corner of South America on the Caribbean Sea. It is an equal distance between North and South America, making it easy for arrivals from around the world. The Rafael Núñez Airport is well-serviced by domestic and international airlines. At present, there are direct international flights from USA (Miami, Fort Lauderdale, New York, and Orlando), Panama, Peru (Lima), and Holland (Amsterdam). Please note you will need to follow this protocol for international flights arriving at Rafael Núñez Airport in Cartagena.

The international airlines that fly direct to Cartagena, include American Airlines (Miami), Avianca (Miami and New York), Jet Blue (Fort Lauderdale and New York), Latam Airlines (Lima), Spirit (Fort Lauderdale and Orlando), Viva Air (Miami), Copa Airlines (Panama), Wingo (Panama), and KLM (Amsterdam). For further flight information visit the airport website.

Getting to the ISTS41 Venue from the Catagena Airport (Rafael Núñez Airport)

The Rafael Núñez Airport is located approximately 7 km from the Hilton Cartagena Hotel (ISTS41 venue). There are two authorized taxi stations at the airport, located at the national and international departure areas. We recommend our passengers to always use these stations for their transfers to other areas of the city, since they are operated by reliable drivers. You can request your ticket with the trip value at the booth; it will show you how much the ride will cost. The fee should be COP$ 23,000 (approx. USD$ 6-7). Note that we recommend exchanging money at the airport to pay in Colombian pesos. For more information see the airport website here.

Getting to the ISTS41 Venue from the Cartagena Bus Station

Under normal traffic conditions, it takes approximately 45 minutes to travel the 18 km between the Terminal de Transporte de Cartagena (Cartagena Bus Station) and Hilton Cartagena Hotel (ISTS41 venue). This journey can be made by taxi at a cost of COP$ 35,000 – 40.000 (approx. USD$ 10-12).